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Transform learning experience with AR and Hologo 

Learn how clever AR can transform pedagogy and deepen the learning experience for your students.
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So what is Hologo?

Hologo is an app that deepens the learning engagement with content through innovative Augmented Reality (AR).

Hologo is the brainchild of leading educators, artists and technologists that have come together to deliver a stimulating education experience for educators, students and lifelong learners.
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So how can knowing about Hologo help?

This online program will connect you with EdTech thought leaders, Hologo designers and other interested educators in a learning community.

Learn how you can increase engagement and learning outcomes through teaching strategies and use cases.
  • Learn how to best use the app
  • Learn about augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) and their potential for learning
  • Learn how AR/VR deepens experiential learning in the brain (metacognition)
  • Observe and learn from other teachers using Hologo in the classroom
  • Connect with the founders and designers and potentially have an input into future improvement
  • Make a bigger difference in your own classroom with this impactful EdTech app 

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Course contents

Facilitators and presenters 

Leading Your Learning

Craig Kemp

Edtech strategist, ignite Edtech founder

Braid Waid

Specialist in AR/VR/XR in Education

Andrew Mowat

learning expert, leading with technology coach

Eedham Rasheed

CEO & Co-founder of Hologo worlds

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