professional development for school IT support staff

Level Up Your Tech Support

A course for non-educators to better understand and more effectively support teaching and learning in schools.
Who is it for?

IT Support Staff in schools

Why do this?

Better support teachers with EdTech 

Live sessions starting date

1 April 2021




8 weeks
12 hours total learning


Self-paced Learning
Live Webinars

A word from the ignite Edtech founder

The Challenge for IT Support

Craig Kemp has a wealth of experience in tech strategy that supports student learning. 
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Course contents

Why this, why now, why Ignite Edtech?

The demands on educational technical support are growing each day...

Schools are unique!

Schools are unique. Those who join school operations without deep background or training can find the culture and cadence of schools bewildering.This program helps orientate support staff without a strong education background into making a significant difference to the core purpose of 'the classroom'.

Schools need you!

Schools, and especially teachers, lack two key resources - time and technical expertise.
The need you to help them make the difference they strive for. Yet often, non-educators can feel lost or disconnected from the 'core business' of teaching and learning. Here is your chance to make a difference.

We know the game

With a combined experience of over 100 years in the provision and improvement of educational technologies, Ignite Edtech knows both the problems you face in technical support, and the needs of teachers in using technology. We are your bridge to greater efficiency and impact in your role.

Common problems that this program addresses:

Tech support staff (TSS) often feel like the forgotten (yet crucial) cog in the busy daily life of a school:
  • Tech support staff (TSS) almost always come from a non educational background
  • TSS have no foundational or contextual understanding of the processes of teaching and learning
  • TSS have no foundation to connect problem-solving and support with educational outcomes
  • TSS have few existing professional support networks
  • Schools have limited resources to support EdTech
  • TSS often feel disconnected from the ‘business’ of education, and sometimes lack confidence to advise staff
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This program connects you in many ways

What you will get out of this program

A strong operational foundation in the core business of education
A IT Support participants who can collaborate and connect with you beyond the program itself
The capacity to communicate with and deeply assist teachers to deliver EdTech, especially in schools where EdTech is missing as a teacher role
Provide TSS with processes, documents and guides to assist in technology program maintenance, support and implementation

What's included?

  • 6 Course Sections 
  • 4 Live Webinars
  • Supporting videos and docs
  • A community of learners
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Downloadable guides and resources 

Schools are different

Schools are unique. Those who join school operations without deep background or training can find the culture and cadence of schools bewildering.

This program helps orientate support staff without a strong education background into making a significant difference to the core purpose of 'the classroom'.

Unique delivery

This is a unique program with a mix of self-paced learning, live webinar sessions with industry experts and project-based learning back in your own school.

The very delivery of this program also models the practices and processes used in an 'edtech-savvy' classroom. You'll learn a great deal simply through participating as a student!
Renowned EdTech Industry Expert

Craig Kemp

Craig is a New Zealand born educator with over 15 years experience both in the classroom, in leadership and in consulting.

He is an enthusiastic change agent that is passionate about every aspect of education and making a difference. Craig is currently based in Singapore.Craig is well known for his dedication to education through Social Media, with over 44,000 followers on Twitter.

He is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Apple Teacher, Google Certified Educator (Level 1&2), Google Certified Innovator, Common Sense Certified Educator, SeeSaw Ambassador and has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Administration.

He was rewarded as one of only three teachers in New Zealand by being invited to the NZ Leadership Institution Young Leaders Programme. He is a leading change agent, being involved in the makeover of several schools ICT hardware and integration programs, with a particular focus on pedagogy to support curriculum integration of technology.

His experience in leading and developing successful teams has seen him support the development of teams across the world to positively make changes. His work is highly sought after, with proven results.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Educational Leadership Expert

Andrew Mowat

Andrew is obsessed with changing brains. His 40 years of experience as an educator includes many contexts, but aways the threads of leadership, technology and the brain intertwine.

It surprises and dismay him how little learning design, pedagogy and change management takes account of the neurobiology. To be a game changer, you must be a brain changer. 

You see this in the way he designs learning engagements themselves, and in his teaching of others how to better create leaning in those whom they lead. 

How he helps:
  • Accomplished facilitator and trainer - online and face-to-face Impactful coach, especially in the domains of leadership and conversations (e.g feedback) 
  • Engaging presenter and speaker Innovative learning designer, bringing powerful principles of metacognition to pedagogy/andragogy
  • Brain-based education expert 
  • Middle leadership expert, mentor and trainer Feedback and conversations that matter expert 
  • Educational technologist
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