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The EdTech Toolbox

This is a hybrid course-podcast that discovers and explores the best EdTech apps and platforms and how to use them.
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It's a simple idea...

It's a simple idea: each week one of our team of experts will explore from one to three favourite and impactful apps or platforms for learning and teaching.
Sometimes we'll add downloadable resources and guides too.

A course that is like a podcast...

We will be publishing our episodes on YouTube and podcast platforms, but here you'll get access to a community of interested and interesting educators. 

Our aim is for this to be two-way. We bring the 'provocation' by focusing on both established and emerging EdTech tools, and then we'd love you to contribute back with questions for our experts or how you use the highlighted app.

We'd love you to join, and join in - this will always be free.

5th episode coming soon - how does AR and Hologo stack up? 

facilitated by our fabulous crew

The Ignite EdTech Team

A variety of our experts will be spotlighting really useful and engaging apps and platforms, and how they are used in the quest for enhanced learning and teaching.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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