Is your EdTech making the difference that it should?

The world of supporting teaching and learning through technology is more complex each year.

The sheer number of educational apps, platforms and processes makes for a confusing environment for most of us.

Ignite EdTech is a team of EdTech thought leaders with diverse and deep experience.

We will be presenting a series of cutting edge programs  to help bridge the gap and help you take full pedagogical advantage of technology. 

Our mission is to help you make a bigger difference to the education of kids through the opportunity of technology. Teachers, IT Support, leaders and parents and even EdTech vendors. We can all be better at this learning game.
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Our programs and courses:

Ignite EdTech is an alliance of leading education technology experts, practitioners and leaders.

The broad and deep experience of the team brings strong value to learning participants.

Brain-based approach

The learning and delivery design of our programs have strong foundation in educational neuroscience. You'll see and experience flipped, blended and social learning. Learning is complex, and program design has to meet this complexity.

Modelled EdTech

Our programs have strong vertical alignment between professional learning design and implementation back in the classroom. Besides valuable content, how you learn in the programs models how you use EdTech back in the classroom.

Linking schools to the best

Making sense of a crowded EdTech environment makes it incredibly hard for schools and educators to find robust and innovative apps. Ignite EdTech is positioned as a trusted pattern in connecting platforms that make a difference with schools and teachers.
Featured Program

Level Up Your Tech Support!

We have a special offer for our first cohort of participants - 50% of the regular pricing.

This program delivers over 12 hours of development using a blend of live group and self-paced leaning  to help IT Support Technicians and staff to better contribute to the educational technology needs of the school, not just fixing tech.
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A diverse faculty

Our Expert Team:

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Craig Kemp

EdTech Strategy and Implementation Expert
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Andrew Mowat

Learning Design & Technology Leadership Expert
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Jennifer Williams

Online/Distance Learning & Design Thinking Expert
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Evo Hannan

Design & Innovations Educator & Strategist 
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Tanya LeClair

Presentation & Resource Design Expert
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Chris Smith

Teaching Creativity & Education Data Expert
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Sandra Chow

Training and Professional Development Program Expert
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David Lee

STEM and Protect-based Learning Expert
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Tim Evans

Integration and Global Collaboration Expert
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Victoria Thompson

Culturally-responsive STEM & Inclusivity Expert
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Brad Waid

VR/AR in Education Expert

Linda Parsons

Digital Transformation Coach
Leverage technology for deep learning

Truly make a difference

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of EdTech platforms and apps? Are you unsure how to best navigate this new environment to authentically support student learning?

Studying with us will help you learn how to create, capture and deliver educational value in a digital world. 
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